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A Few Summer Reading Selections

Last summer, right around this time, we posted a reading list targeted at business owners (you can read it here).  Well, since summer has once again arrived – bringing with it heat and the hope of relaxation by the water – we felt it only appropriate to present a new list of reading selections.  Our new list reflects three selections [...]

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Giving from your heart…via your IRA

As was noted in our prior blog post (Summary of Reinstated Tax Incentives for Individuals and Businesses), one of the tax provisions having been made permanent in the PATH Act of 2015 relates to charitable contributions made directly from IRAs.  As we stated: The new legislation [the PATH Act] permanently enables taxpayers who are 70 ½ or older to make [...]

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Summary of Reinstated Tax Incentives for Individuals and Businesses

As 2015 was winding down, Congress and the President came to an agreement on a tax bill benefiting individuals and business owners alike:  the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (known as the PATH Act). This legislation makes permanent several key tax incentives and tax breaks that individuals and businesses have come to rely upon over the last [...]

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IRS allows child tax credit for summer-camp expenses

With school back in session, summer may already feel like ages ago (where does the time go!?!).  However, we wanted to mention an important tax deduction that is easy to overlook once summer fades into autumn:  summer-camp expenses. As the IRS notes (see reference via this link), summer-camp expenses may help to lower a taxpayer's ultimate tax liability.  However, before rummaging [...]

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Tax Considerations Relating to Personal-Injury Settlements

From time to time, we are asked to advise clients on the tax impacts of personal-injury settlement income.  Although every situation is different - and thus, each individual case requires special attention - there are some generalities which can be helpful to keep in mind.  Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 104(a)(2) stipulates that "the amount of any damages (other than [...]

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Summer Reading for Business Owners

Aaaah – Memorial Day is behind us and the kiddos are out of school, so it is time to welcome the start of summer*!  For many people, the season means camping, lazy days out on the lake, or planning that long-awaited getaway to the mountains or the beach.  But for many small-business owners, summer can be a difficult time to stay [...]

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