Last summer, right around this time, we posted a reading list targeted at business owners (you can read it here).  Well, since summer has once again arrived – bringing with it heat and the hope of relaxation by the water – we felt it only appropriate to present a new list of reading selections.  Our new list reflects three selections from an article titled “Summer Reading for Accountants” as published by Accounting Today (see the original article here).  While several of the books mentioned in the article relate directly to those of us in the accounting profession, we felt the following titles would be applicable to any number of business owners and/or managers:

Improv Is No Joke:  Using Improvisation to Create Positive Results in Leadership and Life by Peter Margaritis

By taking a look at the key management skills of collaboration and teamwork through the unlikely lens of improv comics, this book relays some surprising lessons to business leaders and managers from the world of improv!

Beating the Workplace Bully:  A Tactical Guide to Taking Charge by Lynne Curry

Much as the title suggests, this book is a how-to guide for defeating workplace “bullies” (those co-workers and colleagues that tend to get their way by bullying others on the job).  Business owners may also find the techniques in this book useful when facing a “challenging” customer or vendor.

The Trusted Executive:  Nine Leadership Habits that Inspire Results, Relationships and Reputation by John Blakey

This book, targeted towards executives and business leaders, stems from the premise that a culture of trust in an organization serves to support a positive – and ultimately more productive – workplace.  In taking the reader through nine “habits of trustworthiness,” the book aims to give executives and leaders the tools necessary to cultivate a culture of trust in their own organizations.

If you get a chance to read one of these suggested books – or if you come across a book that you think others would enjoy – please contact us and let us hear your thoughts as well.  We welcome your feedback!